Flowers to offer tapes of Clinton for sale today

May 24, 1994|By Los Angeles Times

DALLAS -- Gennifer Flowers, the Arkansas woman who claimed to have a long-running affair with then-Gov. Bill Clinton, today is releasing for sale what she calls "the complete and unedited" tapes of four telephone conversations with Mr. Clinton she recorded in 1990 and 1991.

Mr. Clinton has steadfastly denied having an extramarital affair xTC with Ms. Flowers, a one-time Little Rock, Ark., night club singer and former state employee.

A preview of the tapes found extensive discussions between Mr. Clinton and Ms. Flowers about how to deflect persistent media inquiries into rumors of Mr. Clinton's womanizing, but little evidence that would settle the controversy.

But release of the tapes -- coming on the heels of allegations by former Clinton bodyguards that they helped arrange his sexual rendezvous with Ms. Flowers and other women and the recent filing of a sexual harassment suit by another former Arkansas state employee -- could revive questions about the lingering contradictions.

Ms. Flowers' motives, too, are certain to be challenged. She has scheduled a news conference in New York today to announce plans to market the tapes, along with a 70-page transcript and booklet titled "Setting the Record Straight" for $19.95.

"I don't have much money left," Ms. Flowers said in an interview here. Ms. Flowers was paid by the Star tabloid in 1992 for her story, and also posed for a Penthouse feature later that year. She has since been living in Dallas.

Ms. Flowers said she has been shabbily treated by the mainstream news media and the White House, forced to live in semi-seclusion and has become fearful for her personal safety. Consequently, she says: "I make no apologies for being compensated."

"I think the tapes prove that I told the truth," she said.

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