Daughter of Diana and Jack A. Gullo...


May 23, 1994

KATHRYN D. GULLO, 21, daughter of Diana and Jack A. Gullo Sr. of Wakefield Valley Road, New Windsor.

School: Hood College.

Honored for: receiving her bachelor of arts in art and history from Hood College in Frederick on Saturday and achieving the highest grade point average of senior participants in the intercollegiate athletic program.

During an awards ceremony earlier this month at Hood, she received three awards for her scholarship and athletic success: the Marion G. Smith Award for balancing academic work and sports activities, the A. J. Richardson Award for showing "enthusiasm and love of art history" and the Helen McCullough McCutcheon Award for contributions to the intercollegiate athletic program and the Recreation Association at Hood.

She was captain of the tennis team for four years, including Most Valuable Player one year; president of the Recreation Association; and a representative to the Intercollegiate Athletic Council.

Ms. Gullo spent the fall 1993 semester as an exchange student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She was a 1990 graduate of Francis Scott Key High School. Her studies at Hood were concentrated in art history, and she minored in classical studies.

She will spend about eight weeks this summer as a paid intern at the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis, where she will research the lives of Civil War soldiers in Maryland.

Ms. Gullo will reach another milestone in her life this year: She's getting married Aug. 13.

Goals: "I am planning to go to graduate school. I want to try to feel my way first; that's the reason why I am waiting a little while. I want to see exactly what I want to study, what I want to do," she said.

"I'd like to work in a museum, and I would also like to teach. They have outreach programs in museums where they teach children about the art, the museum background and history, artifacts and things. That would be the ideal thing for me."

Comments: Ms. Gullo said her love of art and sports always has been strong. "It all started when I was in kindergarten in Washington, D.C. Our teacher hung prints of artwork from the National Art Gallery above our hooks in the coat room. Mine was the little girl with the watering can by Pierre Auguste Renoir," Ms. Gullo said.

"It was the first painting that I knew the artist and the date, and I remember being so excited about it. After that, I became fascinated with all art. But whenever I went to the National Gallery, I'd just go to that painting and stand there. I guess that picture really helped to fuel the fire."

About sports: "I was a tomboy, climbing up trees and running around everywhere. I loved to run. I started playing soccer when I was 7 years old and just kept going. I started playing tennis in my senior year at Key. When I got to Hood, they didn't have a soccer team, so I figured I had to do something or I'd go crazy."

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