Student: Christie McDevitt, 18, of Northeast High...


May 23, 1994

Student: Christie McDevitt, 18, of Northeast High School

Accomplishments/Interests: Christie McDevitt just couldn't bring herself to play hooky with other seniors of Friday because she takes her responsibilities seriously -- as president of the Northeast High School Student Government Association, she was scheduled to play the role of the Grim Reaper.

She stalked other students, "killing" them with a light tap on the shoulder as part of a pre-prom activity to discourage drinking on a senior's special night. Students who got tapped wore tags that labeled them as one of 106 students who died in the country last year on prom nights in alcohol-related traffic accidents. They spent the day in silence.

"Most kids think it's all one big joke, but a few kids were crying when I read a really emotional poem at the assembly," Christie, who lives in Pasadena, said. "I was surprised."

And it's just coincidence that hours after playing such a fateful role she was talking with a reporter about a career in criminology.

Christie said she plans to attend Anne Arundel Community College for two years, then transfer to Frostburg State University to study criminology.

"I have a friend who works in the homicide unit of the Police Department, and her husband works in the Police Department, and I talk to them a lot," she said. "It's a fast-paced job that keeps you on your toes."

Her work at school has certainly kept her on her toes. She's a teacher's aide, helps out in the physical education department and was active in the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils. Her grade-point average is 2.8.

After school, Christie works and plays hard.

She has a part-time job at a Friendly's restaurant.

And when she's not working, she's participating in track meets. Her events are shot put and discus; she holds the school record for both events, 35 feet, 5 inches for shot put, and 109 feet, 4 1/2 inches for discus. She's also placed first or second in both regional and state competitions in the events every year since her sophomore year. On Friday, she'll again participate in the state games.

"I like the sport, because it's somewhere I can go and get away. I can go out there and get rid of all the stress and tension," Christie said. "I can just go out there and be free and throw things, and I don't have to worry about the phone ringing."

Comment: "When I was younger, I never had to think about all the big plans and scheduling meetings," said Christie. "And when you're a sophomore you have to think about your senior year, but when you become a senior you really have to think about the future."

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