Kinetics' skills evident in dances

May 23, 1994|By J. L. Conklin | J. L. Conklin,Special to The Sun

Kinetics Dance Theatre's performance over the weekend at the Howard County Center for the Arts was basically a duplicate of its Gala Performance a month ago. Except for an exciting new work by company member Amanda Thom-Woodson, "Between Two," the program contained the same five dances: "Gesange des junge Liebee," "Water Works," "Missa Criolla" and "Confrontations" by Ken Skrzesz, and "The Life and Times of . . . " by Ms. Woodson.

"Between Two," danced by Ms. Woodson and Elizabeth Ahearn, has the shape of a conversation. Ms. Woodson's dance in three sections has the shape of dialogue, of argument, of reconciliation between the pair. Danced with fervor to music by Jon Hassell and John Lurie, the movements' phrasing is just short of unison. Ms. Woodson would present a phrase, and Ms. Ahearn would repeat it just seconds behind her. This round-robin effect would contain variations, but the two women were consistently working with the same movement ideas.

At one point, Ms. Ahearn was on the floor while Ms. Woodson repeated the same motions while standing. There was an attention to weight, and the pair tugged, pushed and pulled each other. The distance between the two women, whether they were joined by clasping hands or on opposite ends of the stage, was another dynamic factor in the work.

On second viewing, the works presented by this independent troupe virtually opened up. As one knows fairly much where the dance is leading, it is the technical aspects, the craftsmanship, that become more pronounced.

All the dances that Kinetics' artistic director, Ken Skrzesz, presented demonstrated his ability to create an atmosphere and get his message across.

"Confrontations," by Mr. Skrzesz, closed the evening. A satirica look at corporate life, the dance in three sections explored sexual harassment, corporate conformity and one-upmanship.

While the entire evening contained substantial performances by apprentice company dancers and as well as veteran members, Kinetics member Jennifer Blizzard simply blazed through this work with outstanding dancing. Kinetics is on the verge of something exciting.

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