79 from county to receive degrees from Western Maryland College

May 22, 1994

Seventy-nine seniors and candidates for master's degrees from Carroll County were among the 284 students eligible to receive diplomas yesterday at Western Maryland College's annual commencement ceremony.

Three county residents also received recognition as College Scholars for their successful completion of a four-year program of enriched curricular and extracurricular activities.

Carroll County members of the Class of 1994 are:

* Eldersburg: John L. Faris, cum laude and distinction as College Scholar; Karl W. Tomak, magna cum laude.

* Finksburg: Margaret A. Davenport; Lori A. Hayman, master's degree*; Kenneth P. Higgs; Allison R. John; Robin R. Powell; Brian J. Redding; Thomas J. Shuey.

* Hampstead: Matthew M. Butcher; Christina A. DeMaria; Virginia A. Lehr, master's degree*.

* Millers: Henry A. Adami, master's degree*.

* Mount Airy: George M. Goodnow; Maryann Nalevanko*; Christopher T. Patrick.

* New Windsor: Linda S. Cunfer, summa cum laude and Argonaut Award recipient for 4.0 GPA.

* Sykesville: Joanne M. Engler, magna cum laude; Robin L. Farinholt, master's degree; Ryan C. McLean, cum laude; Cristie M. Rose; Jeffrey N. Sharp, summa cum laude.

* Taneytown: Brant L. Geiman, cum laude; Joy L. Gigeous, summa cum laude, distinction as College Scholar and recipient of the Phi Beta Kappa Writing Award; Ann M. Ogle, magna cum laude.

* Union Bridge: Barbara E. Baker.

* Westminster: Karen L. Anderson*; Michael T. Calabria; Barbara J. Clark, master's degree*; Mary L. Creek, summa cum laude; Karen J. Cvrkel, master's degree; Beth V. Daigle, master's degree; Robert F. Dean; Andrew R. Dell; Rane L. Deyo, cum laude; Anne F. Dulany, master's degree*; Kerrie E. Flanagan*; Jennifer L. Geers; Mark R. Gettemy; Leesa K. Green; Barbara J. Hartung, master's degree*; Susan C. Head, summa cum laude and Argonaut Award recipient for 4.0 GPA; Cathy L. Hensley; Thomas F. Hickey*; Daniel J. Holoski; Bin Jing; Elena C. Kapheim, master's degree; Frances M. Kasher, master's degree; Valerie A. Kelly, master's degree*; Scott A. Kirby, master's degree; Timothy J. Kleckner; Anne L. Koenig; Janis W. Luchinsky, master's degree; Andrea J. Mack*; Edna L. Martin*; Kyle H. Meloche; Deborah J. Milstein, cum laude; Jan E. Nies, master's degree; John L. Olsh*; C. Edward Pollard; Susan L. Pollard; Cheryl J. Rains, magna cum laude; David E. Reeve, master's degree; Theodore K. Robinson; E. Scott Schoberg; Lisa B. Sommer, master's degree; Thomas G. Steback, master's degree; Andrew R. Steckel, master's degree; Mark A. Stuart, master's degree; Joan F. Taylor; Christina M. Thackston, master's degree; Ashley S. Trout*; George R. Vannet*; Sarah L. Whitfield, master's degree; Lois K. Windsor*; Todd M. Wisotzkey, cum laude; Jody K. Zepp, summa cum laude; Maura A. Ziolkowski, summa cum laude and distinction as College Scholar.

* Woodbine: Scott A. Carder.

* Conferred since the 1993 commencement.

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