Is Shoe on Other Foot in Neall Leaving Office?Several...


May 22, 1994

Is Shoe on Other Foot in Neall Leaving Office?

Several months ago, Louise Hayman, aide to County Executive Robert Neall, stated that the county's public employees needed to quit "whining" about their lack of pay raises, increased benefit costs, etc.

Isn't it ironic that Mr. Neall has stated that he is leaving the public employee payroll because he cannot adequately provide for his family or afford his children's college tuition.

It seems that some of those in the ivory tower of "public officialdom" have really lost touch with those who elected them.

Robert J. Sledgeski


Schrum for Board

We should all be thankful that the school board nominating convention has sent the name of Nancy Schrum forward to the County Executive as the next member of the Anne Arundel County School Board.

As a parent of a 5-year-old in the county's public school system, I am extremely pleased with the decision of the nominating convention. As an unsuccessful candidate for school board myself, I know what Nancy stands for, how clearly and concisely she conveys her positions on the issues and how truly committed she is to the parents, teachers and, most importantly, the students of this county. She is extremely well-qualified to serve on the board.

I had the opportunity to see Nancy under pressure during the public hearings, handling questions from the floor from concerned parents and educators alike. Nancy Schrum knows what she is talking about. If she can do for our county schools (and I am sure she can) what she has done for Bodkin Elementary and the Chesapeake feeder system, I know the county will be well-served.

In addition to her knowledge of the issues and commitment to education, Nancy is a "class act" and a genuinely sincere and nice person.

I was a newcomer to the nominating process, and Nancy Schrum was very helpful to me in both introducing me to her many friends and supporters as well as helping me to understand the school board process. Her large majority of votes, defeating the second place candidate by almost 2 to 1, represents a clear mandate.

We want Nancy Schrum on the school board. More importantly, we need Nancy Schrum on the school board. She will bring accountability, planning and vision along with a genuine caring for our children to a board, that many feel, has lost touch with the community. . . .

I urge our county executive and governor to choose Nancy Schrum for the county school board.

John J. Loughlin II


Farm Fair Buzz

Our association has discussed extensively the question of participating in the 1994 Anne Arundel County Fair. Our group of more than 90 members expressed universal disappointment at the treatment we received at the 1993 fair. Our members felt a genuine sense of unfairness at having to pay an entrance fee each time they came to volunteer, particularly after we had made donation of $125 to support the fair. There was no advance notification of a change in the long-standing policy of free entry for volunteers. There was, however, an interest to explore the possibility of continuing to work toward a remedy.

We believe one overriding aspect of beekeeping often overlooked by the public is pollination and the critical role it plays in agriculture, gardening and how it benefits wildlife. The increased income from properly pollinated crops is well-documented; without pollination, the costs for all our food would soar. That primary factor is basic to our efforts to educate county residents and instill in them an interest in beekeeping as a hobby.

Our observation hive is the primary tool to help achieve that goal and is, without doubt, one of the most frequently visited exhibits at the entire fair. Our members talk to a continuing stream of interested and fascinated individuals, and some actually start keeping bees. The free taste samples of different naturally flavored honeys is a sure and certain drawing card. The educational benefit of our participation should not be dismissed lightly.

The sale of honey by our members is a positive rather than a negative factor. Hobbyists produce a quality natural product far superior to that which is available in the supermarket, usually at a cheaper price. Honey sales are, however, of interest to only a few of our members; in 1993, only five people offered honey for sale. The majority of our members have never sold honey at the fair. We view honey sales as a magnet to attract people in the milieu of beekeeping, and an element that could not and will not be supported as a separate entity in the commercial arena.

Jon F. Clucow


The writer is president of the Anne Arundel Beekeepers Association. This is a copy of a letter to the Anne Arundel County Fair board of directors.

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