From The Sun May 22-28, 1844May 25: Hard crabs and soft...


May 22, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 22-28, 1844

May 25: Hard crabs and soft crabs were yesterday on sale at the Lexington Market. The hard crabs sold at twenty-five cents per dozen, and the soft ones at seventy-five cents and one dollar per dozen.

May 27: The Democratic National Convention for the nomination of candidates for President and Vice President will meet at the Egyptian Saloon of the Odd Fellows Hall, on Gay Street, above Charles, this morning at 12 o'clock.

From The Sun May 22-28, 1894

May 23: The first racing on a mile track of any circuit in the country began yesterday at Pimlico. The track was not fast, though it was safe, and the time of the beasts showed that it was not very slow.

May 25: Pres. Frank Brown, of the Traction Company, has extended the 5-cent fare limit on the Pikesville Electric Road from Belvedere Avenue to Hayward Avenue.

From The Sun May 22-28, 1944

May 22: Asserting that this country is laying the pattern for the rest of the world, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt yesterday afternoon told a large crowd of Negroes and a sprinkling of whites who packed Sharp Street Methodist Church that every human being is entitled to equal justice, to equal opportunity for education and to equal economic opportunity.

May 23: Baltimore and Washington, first of all cities to be linked by telegraphy, tomorrow will lead the nation and the world in observing the 100th anniversary of the proving of the Samuel F. B. Morse invention.

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