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May 22, 1994|By Elizabeth Large

Local gardeners have a new magazine to help them. "Maryland Gardener," a full-color quarterly, is available now at garden centers and nurseries.

Each issue has a feature on a celebrated garden like William Paca or Ladew, plus a three-month planting calendar, garden-book reviews, announcements and events. Look for landscaping stories on subjects like planting in shade and a regular column on herbs.

For a year's subscription, send $12.60 to Maryland Gardener, 2315B Forest Drive, Suite 48, Annapolis, Md. 21401.

New: antiques

Thomas & Daughters, a Village of Cross Keys shop full of unabashedly old-fashioned and charmingly feminine gifts and home accessories, has just started carrying antiques for women and children.

An 18th-century cradle put together with handmade nails has marks from the feet of the mothers who rocked their babies to sleep. There are pretty antique rattles, spoons and pins. An oak highchair from the '20s is carved with Mother Goose, a full moon and a spider web on its back. Various vintage oils, prints and dTC lithographs also carry out the mother-child theme. Any of them would make a gift to cherish or an unusual decorative accent.

Repel squirrels

Now here's a clever product: an environmentally correct repellent for those who love to feed birds but can't figure out how to protect the seed from greedy squirrels. Derived from a plant in the hot pepper family, Squirrel Away is an all-natural powder. Squirrels and other mammals don't like the taste; birds can't taste it. An added bonus: It supplies birds with their daily dose of vitamin A.

A 1-ounce package of Squirrel Away, which sells for $2.99, is enough to treat 20 pounds of birdseed. It's available at Garland's and other garden centers.

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