Savage Fest will be here soon, and community support is needed



Cars know when you have extra money. Or at least mine does.

This is the time of year when I eagerly await a little packet from Uncle Sam so I can go to the nursery and buy all the plants I didn't raise from seed. Maybe cars hate organic things. Maybe mine wouldn't break down if I were planning to buy, say, another computer.

No, that theory doesn't hold water: My husband was planning to do so with the refund. We had already scheduled the "frank and meaningful discussion" about how to spend the money. But my car intervened.

There we were, in a station wagon filled with lunch for 25 people (a very long story), when we turned a corner, and the driver's side tire didn't.

Now, when I was a child I desperately wanted a tricycle. I wanted a bright red one like Debbie's. One of the advantages of being an adult is that you can buy your own toys.

But I really have outgrown trikes.

The station wagon apparently doesn't believe that. My mechanic told me that replacing a ball joint is routine maintenance. Oh yes, it's something I ought to do every other oil change!

They fixed the joint quickly, found the leak in the power steering fluid, aligned the wheels and did that voodoo that they do so well -- all for an amount that exactly equals what I've saved up from the reduced utility bills of spring, the tax refund and the lordly sums my editors pay.

I'd better start some seeds.


Savage Fest '94 is scheduled for June 4 and 5 this year. As usual, there will be a parade, a carousel, a car show and lots of music, crafts and door prizes.

The two final coordination meetings for the Fest will be held Tuesday and May 31 at 7:30 p.m. at Carroll Baldwin Hall.

As in previous years, the Fest committee is looking for additional community support for this effort. Right now, the committee is looking for more local business support.

In addition, the committee is seeking people to help plan and run next year's festival: a number of this year's participants will not be able to continue next year.

If you've enjoyed the Fest in previous years, please consider volunteering your time and energy to this event. For more information, call Bill Waff at (301) 725-1089.


The La Leche League of Savage and North Laurel will meet on June 1 at the Savage Public Library at 10:15 a.m.

This month's topic is "At Home With Your New Baby." Nursing mothers and expectant mothers are all welcome.

Of course, babies and toddlers are also welcomed to these meetings, but bring a toy or two to keep them entertained during the presentation.

For more information, call Cindy Clemmens at (301) 604-4964 or Kim Wissman at (301) 854-5568.


Eighteen juniors at Hammond High School recently were honored for their academic prowess.

Eight members of this class have managed to earn academic honors every year of their high school career. They are Adam Clay, Julie Finglass, Matthew Lee, Rachael Simmons, Martina Siwek, Josh Sommers, Andrew Wiles and Elena Zelkowitz.

Classmates Lauren Belliveau, Josh Blinder, Mousami Bose, Michael Chang, Peter Laanisto, Sharon Martin, Robert Newman, Cara Stockham, Eric Sumner and Sin Yeung were honored for their achievements this year.


Looking for something different to do with the family next weekend? Staff members and students at the PINES Environmental Education Center will teach you and your family "All About Fish" on May 28 from 10 a.m to noon.

After learning a bit about aquatic life, staff members will help you release minnows and sunfish into nearby streams. They'll also show you their snazzy tropical fish and give you treats to take home.

What a great deal for $8 per family or $3 per person.

This all takes place at Patuxent Valley Middle School, through the good offices of the county Department of Recreation and Parks, so you have to register before attending.

Call (410) 313-2762 for details and registration information.


There's a reason there are lovely tennis courts in Savage Park. It's a great game. And now, the Department of Recreation and Parks offers lessons!

New classes for beginners, intermediate beginners and intermediate players, beginning June 7 for four weeks.

The one-hour group lessons are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The cost is $59 for these adult classes. The park has plenty of barbecue stands and picnic tables under the trees. Bring burgers and drinks for after-lesson barbecues.

Call the Department at (410) 313-2762 for registration


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