Promotions policy at CCC may be revised by panel

May 19, 1994|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Sun Staff Writer

Twelve instructors were promoted by the Carroll Community College board of trustees last night, but the process for promotions could change after a faculty panel proposes modifications next month.

The college uses the same promotion criteria it did as a branch of Catonsville Community College, from which it gained independence last year.

"We are trying to bring in procedures to make the evaluation Carroll's rather than Catonsville's," said Mary Ann Swindlehurst, president of the college's Academic Council.

Ms. Swindlehurst was promoted to associate professor of accounting. The dozen teachers were all promoted to assistant professor or associate professor.

The Academic Council, composed of faculty and student representatives, had assigned a subcommittee to work this year on the evaluation policy with Vice President James Bruns.

Ms. Swindlehurst said faculty members are asking for more instructors on the evaluation committee, now made up of only division chairmen.

The chairmen are all instructors with some administrative duties for the five divisions: math/science, humanities, business/technology, academic development and social sciences.

Faculty members are considered for promotion only after they ask to be. The committee evaluates them based on performance, honors, how many workshops they attend, work they have published, and student evaluation forms.

Ms. Swindlehurst said she hopes to bring to the board of #F trustees' June meeting a formal package of changes proposed by the Academic Council.

She said the proposal is still being drafted.

The promotions are strictly for pay and status, she said, and do not mean the professors will have different responsibilities.

"Your job doesn't change in academics -- it's just the title," Ms. Swindlehurst said.

Carroll has 42 full-time faculty members who are affected by the promotions and evaluations policy.

The 91 adjunct instructors are governed by a different process, she said.

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