OVERHEARD in a downtown gift shop during Secretaries Week...


May 19, 1994

OVERHEARD in a downtown gift shop during Secretaries Week last month:

A woman business executive complained to the shop owner that all of the specially packaged gifts for secretaries on display were for women.

"My secretary, who's a man, wouldn't appreciate one of these," she said. "Why don't you have gifts for men?"

Sounds to us like a case for the PC police when Secretaries Week next rolls around. Sexist shop owners beware!

* * *

IN THE spirit of the old adage, "Everything in moderation," we reprint excerpts from a recent release from the Wine Institute, representing the country's wine industry:

"A new study for the Organization for Applied Scientific Research, in the Netherlands, reports that alcohol consumed with a meal may prevent blood clotting which may be caused by fats in the foods consumed. This new study lends further credence to 'French Paradox' researcher Serge Renaud's theory that the pattern of consuming wine with meals can counter the negative effects of fatty foods on the bloodstream. While the researchers found this effect for all alcoholic beverages, it is important to note that social science studies report that wine is consumed 82 percent of the time in a mealtime setting. In addition, other recent studies have found that penolic compounds in wine have similar positive effects on potentially dangerous blood clots. . . .

"This new study lends further support to the Mediterranean diet concept that wine can be part of an optimal and healthy diet."

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