Do right by dad

May 19, 1994

Poor dad. Father's Day is coming up, and he usually has a pretty good idea of the surprises in store for him. OK, you may have come up with some Orioles tickets or new sports equipment, but on the sartorial side, chances are he's getting some new ties.

Just as well, you say, because dad doesn't really know how to pull it together. He wears the same predictable stuff in a nice dad sort of way.

We know better. Underneath that fatherly exterior may beat the heart of a fashion plate. He just needs some encouragement.

Our styling experts are prepared to help. We are looking for Father's Day makeover candidates. We want to know about the fathers out there who are ready and willing to be spruced up.

Write us and include a recent picture. Remember to include day and evening phone numbers where you can be reached.

Write to Dad Makeovers, c/o Vida Roberts, The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 21278.

3' The deadline for letters is June 3.


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