We'd like to ask you a few questions

May 19, 1994

As NBC's multi-Emmy-winning "L.A. Law" concludes its 173rd episode in the series finale tonight, the landmark occasion provides a treasure-trove of trivia and significa about one of the most-honored current drama series on television.

It is so ruled that all "L.A. Law"-abiding fans grab their legal briefs, sequester themselves and waive all viewing rights until they have reached a verdict for the following questions.


1) Name the pistol-packin' lawyer in the firm who killed a man.

2) Late in the 1986-'87 season, Larry Drake's character of Benny Stulwicz was introduced. What did he initially have to do with the firm?

3) Who or what is Jinx Baldasseri?

4) Name the firm attorneys who have been jailed the most often.

5) Who was the loud, large and in-charge lawyer who made life miserable for McKenzie with her entertainment law practice?

6) What is the Venus Butterfly, and who are its two giddy practitioners?

7) What hated attorney made a grand exit at the downer conclusion of "Good to the Last Drop"?

8) Which firm attorney has a "lovely little whiplash" practice on the side?

9) Which sexually promiscuous but unseen character co-founded the firm with Leland McKenzie decades ago?

10) Courtney Thorne Smith ("Melrose Place") once had a recurring role as a member of the Los Angeles Laker Girl dance team who dated one of the firm's attorneys. Name him.

Check your answers at the bottom of the page.


To receive, by fax, a copy of the complete 50-item "L.A. Law" trivia questions, dial Sunfax at 410-332-6123. After you hear the greeting, punch in 5656.

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