May 17, 1994|By George Neff Lucas

The incumbent plus four

chiefs of state,

The formers who still

aren't the late,

Came to bury a peer

$ With a shifty career

Now reincarnated as great.

With spell-checker going

full blast,

Dan Quayle demonizes

the past

In a book taking aim

# At who was to blame

For his downfall: an

! all-star miscast.

Jerry Falwell's Old

Gossipel show

Claims the Clintons have

just got to go;

Watergate they outdo,

# Iran-contra, too --

See his new forty-buck video!

See Annapolis slipping away

As Bentley votes nay after nay

On laws that make sense;

And she's not on the

fence --

Loves guns, hates the

Chesapeake Bay.

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