Plans for greener Main Street unveiled

May 17, 1994

Plans unveiled yesterday for the reconstruction of Annapolis' Main Street show a prettier, greener avenue from Church Circle to the City Dock, but no big changes for pedestrians or motorists.

The $5 million project is scheduled to begin in January or February and take one year to complete. Sidewalks will be widened and trees will be planted at the lower end of Main Street. Parallel parking would replace angle parking, resulting in the loss of 13 spaces.

Emory Harrison, head of capital projects in Annapolis, said the project is not merely the rebricking and beautification of Main Street, but a reconstruction of underground utilities as well.

Youth arrested on drug charge

A 16-year-old Annapolis youth has been arrested and charged as a juvenile with possession of drugs with intent to distribute and possession of a stolen bicycle.

The youth was arrested about 11 a.m. Saturday after police saw him riding an suspected stolen bicycle near Taylor Avenue and West Street. They stopped the youth and found he was carrying 37 grams of crack cocaine worth an estimated $3,700, police said.

He was released to a guardian.

Four rob man of his bicycle

A 23-year-old Annapolis man was injured in a robbery during the weekend.

Christopher Darron Hayes of the 200 block Duke of Gloucester St. told police that four men jumped him at the intersection of West and Washington streets and stole his bicycle early Saturday morning.

Mr. Hayes was cut and bruised on the head and groin during the struggle. He was treated at Anne Arundel Medical Center and released. The bicycle was valued at $350.


* Annapolis: Someone used a hammer to smash the passenger-side window of a car parked across from the county jail sometime between Tuesday and 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. A leather bag, tennis shoes and clothing worth $160 were stolen.

* Parole: Someone smashed the window of a car parked at the Parole Plaza Shopping Center on Wednesday and stole two stereo speakers.

* Reo Vista Plaza: Someone stole a $200 car phone Thursday from a car parked in the 5200 block of Sands Road.

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