Archambo's big numbers add up to Southern wins

May 15, 1994|By Doug Brown | Doug Brown,Sun Staff Writer

Becky Archambo was a Southern freshman when lacrosse coach Linda Kilpatrick issued the unnecessary reminder.

"The last time an Archambo faced Loch Raven," Kilpatrick said before the Bulldogs faced Loch Raven that year, "she scored eight goals."

Archambo was well aware that two years before her sister Kelly had scored eight in a 14-11 loss to Loch Raven in the state 1A-2A final.

"Talk about pressure," Archambo said. "I was only a freshman. I scored one goal that day."

But Archambo had put the pressure on herself. After she arrived for her freshman season, she told Kilpatrick that one of her objectives was to score more goals in one game than Kelly had. Kelly had gone on to UMBC, and this season, as a senior, became the 12th player in school history to score 100 career points.

As a sophomore last spring, Becky Archambo erupted for 10 goals against Northeast and finished as the county's No. 2 scorer behind Annapolis' Cristi Samaras.

Kilpatrick needed only a glimpse of Archambo to realize she was looking at the regular center. In the first game of Archambo's freshman year, she started at third home in deference to an upperclassman who deserved, in Kilpatrick's view, at least a shot at center.

"Halfway through that game, we switched Becky to center," Kilpatrick said. "The other girl didn't have the speed. Becky could run forever. She's been the center ever since.

"I gave Becky the green light. Until we improved to the point where we could throw and catch as a team, I wanted her to take the ball to the goal. She's fast."

If Archambo has a hole in her game, it's not one she can correct. She is only 5-foot-4.

"She has as much if not more athletic ability as her sister," Kilpatrick said. "I hoped she would grow more, but she didn't and her lack of size, bulk, is a disadvantage."

Still, Archambo scores at a steady rate. With 44 goals and eight assists, she is a bright spot for a 7-6 team that beat Towson 19-18 in overtime in a Class 1A-2A East region semifinal Friday.

Bill Madden, who replaced Kilpatrick this year, says Archambo always draws the opponent's best player.

"She gets double- and triple-teamed quite a bit, but gets through because of her quickness," Madden said. "She's so small she can dip under people and fake them out."

When she completes this season, Archambo will receive her ninth varsity letter at Southern, with her senior year to go. Soccer and basketball are also her sports.

Her favorite?

"Lacrosse, by far," said Archambo, who hopes to go to college, UMBC perhaps, on a lacrosse scholarship.

"It's so much different than the others, unique. It's not just something you pick up. You need talent. It's so much fun. They say it's the fastest game on two feet."

At least it is when the feet are Becky Archambo's.

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