To Mark Williamson's son, baseball's just another sport


May 15, 1994|By Jamison Hensley | Jamison Hensley,Contributing Writer

Elliot Williamson lives the normal life of an Oriole's son.

Reliever Mark Williamson's 11-year-old attends games at Oriole Park, goes into the locker room and stands out in school because of his famous father.

But don't give him a bat and a glove, and don't ask him about his fastball.

"Baseball is OK, but it's not as exciting as lacrosse or fencing," said Elliot, who is finishing fifth grade. "Baseball is kind of slow."

That's why Elliot has chosen lacrosse summer camp over Little League. As an attackman, he's in the middle of the action.

The transition to lacrosse has not come without ridicule from friends.

"I get joked all the time by my friends for not playing baseball," said Elliot, who has lived in the area nearly eight years. "But I've been around baseball all my life, and it gets pretty boring after a while."

By being brought up in the sport, Elliot also understands the nature of the fans. Whether they boo or cheer, Elliot remains unfazed.

"On April Fools' Day this year, I tried to trick my dad into thinking I got into a fight with a guy that said he was a really bad pitcher," he said. "But I couldn't fool him because he knows that doesn't bother me."

Elliot faithfully attends most Orioles home games when out of school to watch his father.

He plans to go to the Metrodome in Minneapolis this summer, and he took a trip to Yankee Stadium in New York last year. His most vivid memory is not watching Don Mattingly play first base or listening to the rowdy Bronx crowd, but getting wet from a beer that spilled on him.

While not watching his father on the field, Elliot prefers roller-blading or bicycling with his father to playing catch in the back yard.

But he never forgets what his father does, especially at school.

"I guess it makes you kind of famous, and you get a lot of attention from people," Elliot said.

His father has the second-longest active tenure among Orioles players to Cal Ripken. As a result, Elliot has a large collection of Orioles shirts and hats, which mostly take closet space.

Elliot instead wears the merchandise from his favorite team -- the Seattle Mariners. Not that he follows the team closely.

"I like the Mariners the best because of their cool colors," Elliot said. "You have to admit, the Orioles colors -- black and orange -- are not the world's greatest colors."

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