25 Years Ago* The students at Westminster Senior High...


May 15, 1994|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* The students at Westminster Senior High School have voted by a margin of 5-1 in favor of liberalizing the school dress code. Principal Stephen A. Lerda said that 592 students voted to liberalize the code and 145 voted not to change it. -- Democratic Advocate.

75 Years Ago

* Jesse Fuss has just torn down an old blacksmith shop which has stood on his farm for more than a century. Tradition has it that in the days of the American Indian, one of these copper-hued roamers came to the shop to have a fish harpoon made when he was informed by the blacksmith that as he had no coal he could not do the work, whereupon the Indian asked for a basket and after being absent a short time returned with the basket filled with coal. Be this as it may, our friend Jesse has never discovered the coal mine. -- Union Bridge Pilot.

100 Years Ago

* The storm that did so much damage in this section on Friday evening no doubt was a continuation of the one that did so much damage at Westminster and beyond, but up to date we have not heard of any damage it wrought between this place and the county town more than blowing down fences at places and carrying away many limbs of trees. When it reached the home of Daniel Stansbury, at Cape Horn, one-and-a-half miles south from here, it wrecked a new paling fence around his garden, carrying some timber several hundred yards. It rounded the cape and struck the barn of Mr. Crowdy and moved it some four feet on the foundation. . . . It struck the residence of Mr. Wm. Haines, on the Diehl farm, blew in the windows and even the panels in the front door. The chicken house was blown down and a number of fowls carried away and have not been heard from yet. -- American Sentinel.

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