Crofton Needs 'Silent Solution'Two options are being...


May 15, 1994

Crofton Needs 'Silent Solution'

Two options are being discussed for Route 3 expansion through Crofton-Bowie. The purpose of this letter is to suggest a third.

One option is to move the highway west and destroy wetlands. The "environmentalists," including the Department of Natural Resources, are violently opposed.

A second option is to expand . . . at the present location. The "non-environmentalists" are opposed. . . .

The third option may be termed the "silent solution," as no one seems to want to talk about it. This option is to do nothing. It would save a lot of construction money. But more importantly, it would require thousands of 18-wheelers and a lot of other traffic to bypass Crofton-Bowie. The truckers and others would have to be satisfied with Interstate 97, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, U.S. 50 and the D.C. and Baltimore beltways. . . .

Bill D. Burlison


New Jail

This letter is in response to the Anne Arundel County Council's plan to erect a prison on Ordnance Road. A study of the proposed land revealed the existence of thorium in the ground. . . .

There is one problem with the proposed site other than radioactivity. The jail will be directly across the street from a large day-care facility. . . . To house society's criminals and miscreants next to our most vulnerable citizens is an idea so abhorrent one has difficulty comprehending the thought process involved. . . .

George Kammer


Year-Round Schools? View from One Class

I am opposed to year-round schools because it will break up everyone's vacation plans for the summer. Many people go away for the whole summer. Now, they won't be able to do that because kids will be in school for most of the summer. Schools would constantly be changing and in confusion; students' desks and entire classrooms would be changing all the time and I don't think many people would like that. And what about all the businesses in vacation hot spots? . . . I realize that we must consider that year-round schools might promote more continual learning, but . . . jumping in and out of school seems a little bit difficult to me. . . .

Amy Kirby


I like the idea of year-round school because the schools today are overcrowded. It is easier to learn with fewer distractions. The teachers can teach better in less-crowded classrooms. . . .

They found that there is a higher attendance rate in schools that have tried this. . . . Learning is also more continual so that the teachers do not have to re-teach. One problem is that some people will not be able to get baby-sitters. I think we can get around the problems and this can work.

Erich Bell


I am against having year-round schools because it would be very hard for me to earn money for a car and for college when I get older . . . during my summer vacations. . . .

My mom is even against having school year-round. It would be hard for her to find a child care provider that would be willing to watch children on a staggered basis. . . . I agree that there may be several advantages, but I strongly believe that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Billy Craft


I am one of the students at Linthicum Elementary School. I am writing to you about the idea of keeping schools running all year long. I don't think it is a very great idea, because it will cost a lot of money to air condition all the schools.

Another problem is that I may be going to a private school next year and my brother will still be in a public elementary school. We would probably be off on different days, so my parents wouldn't be able to plan any vacations together. . . .

Kids wouldn't be able to participate in summer sports like swimming teams or tennis teams because the whole team wouldn't be off at the same time. The pools would all go out of business, because we wouldn't be able to go after school due to homework.

Many people think learning is more continual and reading and math grades go up. However, the teachers teach the same thing, so by the fifth grade, the students remember everything they learned a year ago. I hope whoever is making the decision about year-round schools will give these problems some thought.

Lauren Raymond


I think that year-round school is a novel approach to bettering our educational system. . . . In states where this was tried, math and reading scores improved noticeably. . . .

There would be no more forgetting your lessons over long vacations.

Multiple vacations are cool. You can go to Disneyland over three times. Also, many theme parks are open year-round. . . .

On the other hand, some schools have no air conditioning. In the summer, this would cause students to overheat and pass out. This is easily solved by putting air conditioning in the schools. I support year-round schools for the reasons above. Please consider my ideas for this topic and make this happen.

Doni Ready


The letters above are from sixth-grade students at Linthicum Elementary School.

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