Lamb abandons hope for another political seat

May 15, 1994|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Sun Staff Writer

After more than 20 years in county politics, County Councilwoman Maureen Lamb is calling it a career.

Ms. Lamb, who is being forced by term limitations to leave the council in December after 12 years, had expressed hopes of running for another political office, possibly county executive or state senator.

But yesterday, the 72-year-old Annapolis Democrat said she has decided to walk away from it all.

pTC "I think it's time to move on, let some other people have a shot at it," said Ms. Lamb. "I've been at it 20 years."

She leaves political life with mixed feelings, she said.

"I'm sad about it," she said. "You can't help but be sad when you put so much into it. I believed in term limits, and I still do. I think people should move up or move out, and I just decided to move out."

Ms. Lamb said she was disappointed that when she expressed interest in running for the District 30 Senate seat, she was discouraged by Democratic party leaders, who are supporting Del. John C. Astle's candidacy.

"It's one of those things where I'm kind of in a bind, because I would like to run for Senate and I don't think there's the support out there from the politicians," she said. "I just don't feel like bucking. I've been bucking long enough."

Councilman George F. Bachman of Linthicum, one of Ms. Lamb's Democratic colleagues, said he doesn't think he's seen the last of her.

"It's hard for me or anyone else to believe that Maureen is going to stop and smell the roses, because Maureen is not that kind of a woman. She's going to get involved in something," Mr. Bachman said. "She fought for her district. She fought hard, and she fought well."

Ms. Lamb's political career began in 1973 when she was appointed to the county school board at age 51. She was elected in 1982 to the County Council to represent the 6th District, which includes the city of Annapolis, and easily won re-election in 1986 and 1990.

Although an Annapolis resident, Ms. Lamb's relations with city officials in the past have been thorny. During her last re-election campaign, Ms. Lamb was criticized by some Annapolis politicians, who said she encouraged overdevelopment, especially in the Parole area. She also was assailed for opposing the city's attempts to expand its landfill.

She was taken to task in November 1992 for not opposing more vigorously the County Council's decision to expand the detention center on Jennifer Road on the outskirts of Annapolis. After the council voted to approve the expansion, legislation was introduced that would have censured Ms. Lamb for a "lack of representation." It failed.

But in March the council did vote to renovate the Jennifer Road facility without increasing its capacity and build a jail annex in Glen Burnie.

More recently, Ms. Lamb has been a leader in sponsoring legislation to reform the financially troubled pension fund for appointed and elected officials. Ms. Lamb said she still has her real estate license and could return to that field, or she may open her own business. She said she won't mind being less busy.

"I'm going to go to California and see my daughter, who is going to have a baby shortly. I have two adorable grandchildren here in town and I love being with them," she said. "I have let my personal life go to hell in a handbasket in terms of being too busy."

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