From The Sun May 15-21, 1844May 15: The line of omnibuses...


May 15, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 15-21, 1844

May 15: The line of omnibuses recently started in this city, to run to and from the eastern and western sections of the city, we are glad to perceive are doing a fair business. They are a great public convenience, and we hope the advantage they will eventually prove to the city will be appreciated by all.

May 20: Yesterday afternoon a pitched battle took place on RTC Laudenslager's hill, between fifty and sixty persons, who, we understand were members of the Independent and Lafayette fire companies.

From The Sun May 15-21, 1894

May 15: No fish in Maryland waters furnish better sport to the angler than black bass. No better time is offered than the present for catching them.

May 17: This is the fifty-seventh anniversary of The Sun, the first number of which was issued on May 17, 1837. It looks back over this long period with grateful appreciation of the uninterrupted confidence and support it has received from the community.

From The Sun May 15-21, 1944

May 16: A Liberty ship is to be named for the late Dexter W. Fellows, who was America's best-known and best-loved press agent, it was announced yesterday by Bethlehem-Fairfield shipyard officials.

May 18: "Gaslight," at the Century Theater, comes close to perfection in its own category which is that of mystery thriller. It is top notch in all departments, and deserves a place among the best films of the year.

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