Hammond High students win big at Fiesta-val musical competition



Tarat-ta-ta-ta-ra! (Loud trumpet fanfare.) Seventy-eight musical Hammond High students and their chaperones just returned from Fiesta-val, an invitational musical competition in Myrtle Beach, Va., held last weekend.

This stalwart band returned covered in glory, having bested 17 bands representing nine states.

The Hammond students won first prize for overall concert band. They also won first prize in the jazz combo, concert band and woodwind competitions.

The jazz ensemble took second place.

Vasili Frankos and Tamara Daniels both were named Outstanding Soloists for their performances on viola and cello.

Assistant Principal David Scuccimarra accompanied the students, along with Ronald Bowman, the band director. Dr. Scuccimarra thanks parents Thomas and Jane Loughran, Brenda and Thomas Palmatier and Jane Curl, who accompanied the students on the trip.

But, your intrepid reporter notes, Dr. Scuccimarra couldn't keep his hands off the 2-foot-high trophies. It's what teachers get into this profession for. Congratulations all.


Carol McVey's drama students present an evening of one-act plays May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Hammond High School.

This Dessert Theater performance includes these four plays: "The Other Other Woman," "Who Shot Willie?," "Pullman Car Hiawatha," and "The Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton."

Senior drama students Megan Wills and Paul Menard will direct the first two plays, and Ms. McVey will direct the other two. The event ought to include some stellar performances, since this production is the final grade for the semester.

Cost for the Dessert Theater (refreshments served) is $4 per person. There's limited on-stage seating, so get your tickets soon.

Call the school at (410) 313-7115 for more information.


Last Wednesday, Hammond High honored students for their academic achievements. It is a pleasure to honor the diligence, intelligence and commitment of the following seniors, who have received academic honors every year for the past four years: Heather Eitemiller, Marie Garber, Elizabeth Mitchell, Kerri Powell, Larissa Sliwinski and Kacy Williams.

Seniors Eugene Chung, Andrew Clark, Cristina Dispenza, Mark Frank, Julie Greer, Jennifer Haskell, Stacy Louk, Rebecca Meyer, Elisa Mundis, Darcy Pietryka, Melissa Rock, Nathan Stokes, Bethany Thompson, Laura Walker, Alyssa Weller, Colleen Wilson, Jennifer Yezek and Aimee Zytcer also have worked hard all year to achieve this academic honor.

Congratulations on a job well done. No one ever forgets how hard high school is, nor how difficult it is to keep working, in the face of distractions. You have all done well.


No good idea goes uncopied. Several months ago, Girl Scout troop leader Cindy Clemens heard about the Snowflake Ball held in Clemens Crossing for troop members and their fathers.

Ms. Clemens mentioned this to her fellow Troop 2120 leader Joann Chapman and to Roxanne Mino and Jane Shaffer of Troop 538.

A plan was born.

Last Friday, the young ladies of both troops proudly escorted their fathers to the Dad and Daughter Dance at Bollman Bridge Elementary.

Each father's jacket lapel bore a boutonniere made by the scouts, while each girl wore a corsage, made by Allison Harmon, on her dress. The cafetorium had been transformed into a dance hall, with balloons on the walls, a refreshment table and a flower-filled trellis.

Lea Van Berkum took formal photographs of the couples in front of the trellis as a memento of this occasion.

The couples danced away the afternoon to Michael Jackson songs, the Achy Breaky, and the Hokeypokey, then retired to refreshments served by Cindy Haspel, Beth Nichols, Val Sharpe, Terri Smoot and Pam Paper.

Everyone had such a wonderful time that the dance name has been changed to the First Annual Dad and Daughter Dance.

(Did anyone but me notice that the Moms were busy serving at this dance only three days before Mother's Day?)


Bethel Christian Academy, invites everyone to its presentation of "Say Yes to Christ and No to Drugs" May 26 at 7:30 p.m. The play was written and will be performed by the middle-school students as part of their health education.

Jacqueline Rankine, the middle-school health instructor, provided the plot, the characters and appropriate Scripture passages. The children then took the information and wrote their own lines.

After the play, Officer Denise Walk of Howard County Drug Abuse Resistance Education will speak to parents and children about drug abuse.

There's no charge for this evening program, just come for the presentation and refreshments.

The school is located at 8455 Savage-Guilford Road.

Call (301) 725-4673 for more information.


Cindy Clemens just returned from La Leche League's Annual Conference for this region, held jointly with the Virginia chapter.

She was invited to speak on "The Art Of Delegating." She's an expert on this topic, running not only the Savage chapter of the La Leche League, but also Girl Scout Troop 2120.

Some people want it all, some just seem to do it all. Congratulations.

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