Teen testifies coach paid him to run unclothed

May 12, 1994|By Dennis O'Brien | Dennis O'Brien,Sun Staff Writer

A 15-year-old boy told an Anne Arundel Circuit Court jury yesterday that his high school wrestling coach paid him $40 to run naked around the first floor of his house 10 times.

"He just sat on the couch and laughed," the boy said.

The coach, Sean Mark Castorina of the 600 block of Skipjack Court in Annapolis, is charged with child abuse for incidents that allegedly occurred last year when he was a coach and development officer at the Riverdale Baptist School in Prince George's County. The school suspended Mr. Castorina, 27, last summer.

In yesterday's testimony, the youth said that he often spent the night at Mr. Castorina's, had explicit conversations about sexual matters with him, and that Mr. Castorina helped him with his homework.

On Feb. 24, 1993, he went to spend the night at Mr. Castorina's because the coach, who recruited him to wrestle at the school, wanted to help him lose weight before a tournament scheduled for the next day, he said.

After weighing himself on the coach's scale and showering, he sat down to watch television with Mr. Castorina. Their conversation took a bizarre turn, he said.

OC "He started out, 'What would you do for $500?' Then he asked if

I'd run around the house naked for $40," the boy testified. "He said, 'I want a laugh.' "

He said he agreed to run around the first floor of the house 10 times, while the coach watched. Sometime in that period, Mr. Castorina offered him $100 to perform a sex act, he said. The next day, Mr. Castorina told him to say the $40 was for his 40 wins that wrestling season, he testified.

"I was just embarrassed," the boy said, when asked on cross-examination why he lied to friends about the money.

The boy's mother said Mr. Castorina paid her $250 to let him tutor her son at his house, and that he forged her signature on notes to allow the boy to come late for school.

She agreed to lie and say the notes were written with her husband's authorization because she was afraid Mr. Castorina would be fired, she testified yesterday.

If Mr. Castorina were fired, her son would lose a partial scholarship and would have to leave the school, she said. Mr. Castorina arranged for the scholarship.

Mr. Castorina's apparent obsession with her son increased as time wore on, she said. On May 2, 1992, she went to school officials and told them to order Mr. Castorina to stay away from her son.

The mother said Mr. Castorina responded by calling her three times at work to ask that she let him see her son.

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