Barbra's Boutiques in Bloomies offer no secondhand rows

May 12, 1994|By Vida Roberts

Those Barbra Streisand fans who couldn't make it to Tuesday's or tonight's concert at the USAir Arena can buy into the legend at the "Barbra Boutiques" exclusive to Bloomingdale's at Tysons Corner and White Flint.

La Streisand has created a range of collectibles and fashion statements including an official concert tour jacket. The baseball-style jacket with wool body and leather sleeves features the Streisand crest, as befitting the reigning queen of this summer's tour circuit. It sells for $400, a lot less than some fans paid for a ticket.

The Barbra Boutiques feature other bibelots such as coffee cups, jade crystal paperweights, money clips and, of course, T-shirts. The concert shop will remain open through June.

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