Balkan Update

May 11, 1994

Some 1,000 Muslim troops have deployed in a demilitarized part of a mountain overlooking SARAJEVO, U.N. officials said. A U.N. helicopter spotted six positions where heavy weapons could be quickly positioned.

A meeting between the Bosnian government and the Bosnian Serb army on exchanging prisoners and bodies has been called off. Bosnian radio said the Serbs did not allow a U.N. helicopter carrying the government delegation to fly over Bosnian Serb territory.

Eleven French aid workers detained by Bosnian Serbs will face trial next month on suspicion of smuggling arms, a Belgrade newspaper reported. France has demanded their immediate, unconditional release.

The Yugoslav news agency Tanjug said Muslim gunners started shelling BRCKO with heavy artillery Tuesday evening. But U.N. military obervers in the area reported no shelling.

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