Baltimore's TeamWhy does The Sun find it necessary to...


May 10, 1994

Baltimore's Team

Why does The Sun find it necessary to continue to place the slightest NFL rumor on the front page? Have the citizens of Baltimore not had enough sand kicked in our faces?

After lying to us, misleading us, using us again and again to get sweeter deals from the cities they truly wanted in their league -- not to mention humiliating our mayor and governor twice -- the people of Baltimore want nothing to do with an organization that would allow Bob Irsay to be an owner and Paul Tagliabue to be their leader.

Though one might not know it from The Sun's coverage, Baltimore has a football team -- The Baltimore CFL Colts.

Jim Speros has brought professional football back to Baltimore, and it is up to us to support his efforts by outselling the Indianapolis Dolts.

Baltimore can do for the Canadian Football League what it once did for the National Foootball League -- make it a nationwide success.

And I believe I speak for a majority of my fellow CFL season ticket holders when I say we will not buy seats, hats, shirts or anything that has the NFL logo on it.

We are not gluttons for punishment.

For Baltimore, we are a one football team town. That team is the Baltimore CFL Colts.

Edward Scott Michael


Deadly Charade

The article "Israel, PLO set date for autonomy pact" (April 29) left me very frightened and skeptical.

Israel's Foreign Minister Shimon Peres stated: "For us I think it is the end of a long voyage and the beginning of a new chapter in the relations between the Palestinian people and ourselves . . . adding another step toward peace in the Middle East."

This statement may sound very exciting but unfortunately, in reality it's not an end to a long voyage but the beginning of a new chapter that sets Israel up with defenseless borders against a majority of Arabs who still are waging war on Israel, which only adds another step toward disaster in the Middle East.

The peace policy, plain and simple, is a plan to make it easier for militant Arabs to murder Jews. Is this what Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres have to offer in the name of peace and Palestinian self-rule of Gaza, Jericho, and eventually Syrian control of the Golan Heights?

In reference to the autonomy pact, an Israeli spokesman stated that "the two sides have removed all major obstacles to the agreement."

However, in my opinion they did not remove one of the major obstacles, which is that of the Hamas terrorists who are joining the Palestine Liberation Organization defectors against Israel to undermine the so-called peace efforts.

Sorry Mr. Arafat and Mr. Peres, I don't mean to rain on your parade, because I, too, want peace for both people, but not peace masked as a misleading deadly charade.

This kind of one-sided, rushed-through peace will ultimately be at the expense of many innocent Israeli and moderate Palestinians lives.

I don't buy Yitzhak Rabin's argument that the murdered innocent Jewish civilian victims is the price Israel has to pay for peace.

Numerous Israelis were murdered during this so-called peace process even before the tragic Hebron massacre occurred. These terrorist attacks were an absolute violation of the peace agreement and should have been taken more seriously as to what kind of cooperation Israel can expect.

Mr. Arafat does not have any children, but if he did would he be willing to sacrifice his son or daughter for this kind of shaky peace? Especially if he knew that he was surrounded by enemies that were still declaring war on him?

Be careful Israel, learn your lessons, there is no true peace when you make all the concessions.

Barbara Bloom

Owings Mills

Not A Solution

Michael Kinsley's article "Any Volunteers?" (The Sun, April 28) attempts to assist in making a decision about going to war.

It misses the point on several key areas.

As a nation, our only purpose for becoming involved in a military conflict should be determined by our vital interests. If we have vital interests, then the decision is rather simple -- do it.

Mr. Kinsley is concerned about the dilemma confronting President Clinton. Since he avoided the draft during his youth, how can he, in conscience, send young men off to war?

As a solution, he suggests that only volunteers from our current volunteer forces be asked to go.

On the surface, that may appear to be a viable solution. However, it is obvious that Mr. Kinsley does not understand how the military works.

Cohesion and leadership are the most significant elements of any military organization.

They occurs when a unit operates together for a period of time, and the people learn about each others' strengths and weaknesses. That is why units spend so much time training.

If a group of individuals could be mustered together with the requisite skills and sent off to fight, then it would not be necessary to spend so much time and money on training.

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