Incident investigated as racially motivatedCounty police...

May 10, 1994

Incident investigated as racially motivated

County police say the smashing of the window of a Severn home Saturday morning is being investigated as a racially motivated incident.

The owners of the home, a Korean couple who speak little English, told police that the incident was the 10th time their property had been damaged and that they were the victims of verbal and physical harassment.

The front picture window of their home was broken about 1 a.m., said Officer Randy Bell, a spokesman for the county Police Department.

Officer Bell would not release any additional details because the county police force is "very sensitive" about identifying the family.

"It may possibly inflame certain elements in the community and may lead to reprisals against the couple," Officer Bell said.

The couple's daughter told police that they have been the victims of assaults and vandalism the past three years. In one incident, the daughter's nephew was almost hit by a rock thrown through the window.

The victims suspect that a group of white male juveniles may be responsible for the harassment, Officer Bell said.

The Korean man told police that he has tried to chase away his tormentors but that they only respond with taunts. The couple has seen juveniles running from the area after several of the acts of vandalism, Officer Bell said.

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