It's all adding up fast for Hanburger

May 09, 1994|By Roch Eric Kubatko | Roch Eric Kubatko,Sun Staff Writer

If you watched closely, you may have noticed Katie Hanburger dropping a few hints that she would put together a marvelous senior season at Arundel.

And they weren't exactly subtle ones, either.

There were the 31 goals and 11 assists that made her the Wildcats' leading scorer as a junior last spring. And the three goals and one assist in last summer's Starlight Express game, which showcased the top 46 incoming high school seniors and attracted more than 40 college coaches.

"Last year she just bloomed," said Arundel coach Christine Fellona.

"And it wasn't like anything that I assumed she was going to do. She fell into this role and just kept going and going. She got great this summer and she's improved immensely just this year alone."

Hanburger said: "I came out of my shell my junior year."

It's all there in the numbers. Hanburger has scored at least one goal in every game, and her 34 goals and 11 assists again lead the team.

Not bad for someone who didn't get involved in the sport at the high school level until her sophomore year.

She played varsity softball as a freshman, and had every intention of doing so again -- until she joined a community lacrosse league that summer.

"I debated which sport to choose, and I decided on lacrosse," she said. "It's probably the best decision I've made. Lacrosse is more fitting for me as an athlete. I like to run and I like being more active. And maybe I was more inclined to play it because I was a little bit better at it. Lacrosse came more easily to me."

She has continued to make it look easy despite playing the past five games with a broken finger on her right hand, the result of a misplaced check by a Meade Mustang on April 15, when Hanburger scored four goals in a 17-3 victory.

A minor setback, nothing more.

The next week, she scored twice in a 17-7 loss to Annapolis, then came back with three goals and one assist in a 17-5 win over Old Mill, and five goals and one assist in a 19-4 rout of Glen Burnie.

She has been playing with a soft cast on the hand, the only indication that something is wrong.

"At first, it was a little awkward, but I've gotten used to it," said Hanburger, who also is a midfielder on the soccer team.

"Sometimes it limits me a little, but not much."

Hanburger's name isn't usually the first mentioned when the topic turns to the county's best attackers, but perhaps by the end of this season, that will have changed.

"I think she gets overlooked," Fellona said. "She's a very, very strong player, offensively and defensively. She's on every single play, all over the field. Personally, I can't afford to take her off. Everyone else looks to her for plays. The team feels secure when she's there."

It's the opposing teams that are on edge.

And that trend could continue after high school, since she has been accepted to Lafayette College (Pa.). She will receive financial aid from the lacrosse program.

And to think, she didn't even have an interest in the sport until three years ago.

"I could be on another path completely," she said. "I'm really glad I chose lacrosse, for a lot of reasons."

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