Hill compares her own, Jones' harassment cases

May 09, 1994|By Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON -- Law professor Anita Faye Hill, whose accusations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas put the sexual harassment issue at the national forefront, said yesterday that she saw both similarities and differences between her case and that of Paula Corbin Jones, who has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that President Clinton committed the same offense.

Because both cases involve allegations against highly visible and powerful figures, "there will be some comparisons," Ms. Hill said in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation."

But the University of Oklahoma professor added that she believes Ms. Jones has an advantage, since her case will come before a court of law rather than the U.S. Senate. "It can get a fair hearing and, I believe, a better hearing than mine got before the Judiciary Committee," she said.

She said that both cases can help in furthering the nation's understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment.

"Because they are high profile, they get people's attention and people talk about them," Ms. Hill said. "We have to face the possibility -- and I say possibility -- that, in fact, sometimes people who we admire and respect and [who] we want to do well may engage in behavior that is objectionable and maybe even against the law."

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