Twin sons of Bob an Kathy...


May 09, 1994

SCOTT AND RYAN STEWART, 13, twin sons of Bob an Kathy Stewart of Winged Foot Drive in Westminster.

School: Seventh-graders at Westminster West Middle School.

Honored for: Outstanding academics, attitude and effort, says one of their teachers, Richard Thompson.

Identical twins who have always had a healthy rivalry, they both get A's and B's and participate in several sports.

"That's a twin thing," said their mother. "It makes them work harder."

Goals: The boys don't have firm career goals. Scott (left in the photo above) said he would like "something in management," and Ryan would like to be a doctor or a filmmaker for National Geographic. They both enjoy science.

Comments: "I just remember stuff pretty easily," Scott said. "That's why it's easy for me to take tests."

Ryan said he wouldn't say his good grades come easily. "I have to study and stuff. I just want to do it," he said. "My brother and I, we want to do better than each other. Then we even out and do about the same. If we do badly, it doesn't make us fight or anything."

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