Youth who was assaulted arrested on drug chargesA...

May 09, 1994

Youth who was assaulted arrested on drug charges

A 16-year-old Brooklyn Park youth who was assaulted and robbed Thursday morning at an apartment house on Fourth Avenue has been arrested on drug charges, county police said.

Police said they arrested the youth after suspected marijuana seeds, a suspected small marijuana plant, two pipes, and a spoon containing a cotton ball and white residue were found at the Fourth Avenue address where the attack occurred.

The youth told police that three men wearing dark clothes, dark glasses and hooded sweat shirts that covered their faces broke into the house about 8:20 a.m.

Police said the intruders grabbed the victim and threatened to kill him. They handcuffed him, put leg irons on him and wrapped duct tape around his head to cover his eyes, police said. They also taped his arms and legs, tied him with a clothesline and forced him into a chair, police said.

The trio then began ransacking the apartment, police said. They took a ring and necklace worth $150 each from the victim, police said.

Police also believe that the intruders took several marijuana plants. Officers who later searched the apartment said that they found several containers from which plants had been removed.

As the intruders were leaving, one of them punched the youth in the face, police said.

The victim was able to loosen his bonds and remove enough tape from his eyes so he could see to run outside and scream for help, police said.

The youth said he recognized the voices of two of the assailants, police said. He gave officers the name of a 19-year-old East Baltimore man as a possible suspect.

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