Fleet swells for season-opening NASS Spring Race


May 08, 1994|By NANCY NOYES

The Naval Academy Sailing Squadron played host to its annual big-boat racing season opener last weekend with the traditional NASS Spring Race.

Saturday's 78-boat fleet of PHRF, MORC and J/24 classes had one of the larger starts in recent memory. The PHRF ranks were swelled by a third PRHF-A split (now called PHRF A-0), in addition to A-1 and A-2, a new Sport boat class for high-performance racers and a new PHRF D division for the smallest contenders.

All three of the PHRF A classes, PHRF B and the PHRF-Sport sailed a 12.5 nautical-mile course around government marks, and PHRF C and D, MORC and the J/24s sailed a 11.1-mile version.

On Sunday, two IMS divisions and the J/30s raced over an eight-mile windward-leeward course.

NASS Spring Race Saturday, April 30

PHRF A-0 (6 starters): 1. Ramrod, Bert Jabin, Annapolis, 2:28:02 c.t.; 2. Dancer, Bill Steitz, Pittsburgh, Pa., 2:30:37 c.t.; 3. Sundog, Paul & Kathy Parks, Shady Side, 2:31:09 c.t.

PHRF A-1 (13 starters): 1. Cheers, Tim Bowen, Bowie, 2:34:24 c.t.; 2. Jake, Sandy Morse, Washington, 2:34:48 c.t.; 3. WOFTAM, Jim Michie, Arnold, 2:35:11 c.t.

PHRF A-2 (12 starters): 1. Swift, Mid. 1/C J. Wissel, USNA, 2:24:47 c.t.; 2. Lively, Mid. 1/C G. DeVries, USNA, 2:25:28 c.t.; 3. Frolic, Mid. 1/C P.J. Trudell, USNA, 2:25:53 c.t.

PHRF B (9 starters): 1. Flying Circus, Jervis Dorton, Columbia, 2:22:06 c.t.; 2. Torch, Paul Scott, Abingdon, 2:22:54 c.t.; 3.

Vivacious, Bill Munz, Annapolis, 2:23:50 c.t.

PHRF Sport (7 starters): 1. Ubiquitous, Jim Stansbury, Gaithersburg, 2:29:19 c.t.; 2. Warp Speed, Neil Murphy, Falls Church, Va., 2:31:23 c.t.; 3. Pneumatic, Matthew Frey, Lancaster, Pa., 2:32:05 c.t.

PHRF C (4 starters): 1. Courstormer, William McKelway, Bethesda, 2:04:19 c.t.; 2. Sails Call, Richard Baucom, Davidsonville, 2:05:45 c.t.

PHRF D (2 starters): 1. Blue Devils, Keith Strother, (hometown unavailable), 2:20:01 c.t.

PHRF Nonspinnaker (5 starters): 1. My Bohemia, George Benisek, Annapolis, 2:14:56 c.t.; 2. Cayenne, Antonio Sanpere, Annapolis, 2:15:10 c.t.; 3. Anser, Jim Troutman, Bethesda, 2:15:59 c.t.

MORC (12 starters, protest pending): 1. Fast Company, Barry Moss, Bethesda, 2:02:15 c.t.; 2. Azure, Dave Prucnal, Pasadena, 2:02:33 c.t.; 3. A Train, Robert Reeves, Annapolis, 2:02:54 c.t.

J/24 (8 starters): 1. Bad News, Mike Colbert, Springfield, Va.; 2. AJ, Dave & Beth Scheidt, Edgewater; 3. Sundance, Jeremy Rogers, Newark, Del.

Sunday, May 1

IMS 2 (7 starters): 1. Dancer, Steitz, 8.667 implied wind factor; 2. Valiant, Mid. 1/C J. Wissel, USNA, 8.158 i.w.f.; 3. Sounion, Charles Sullivan, University Park, 7.873 i.w.f.

IMS 3 (8 starters): 1. Uh-Oh, C.R. "Sonny" Smith Jr., Annapolis, 9.070 i.w.f.; 2. Hilite, Len Eastman, Annapolis, 8.906 i.w.f.; 3. Swift, Mid. 1/C D. Emery, USNA, 8.347 i.w.f.

J/30 (16 starters): 1. Valhalla, Steve Bardelman, Sherwood Forest, 1:58:48 3.t.; 2. Twilight Zone, Gary Swangler, Yardley, Pa., 2:00:00 e.t.; 3. Better Mousetrap, Bob Putnam, Greenbelt, 2:00:34 e.t.; 4. Tiger, Tom Donlan, Falls Church, Va., 2:00:45 e.t.; 5. Blue Moon, Jim Ellis, Annapolis, 2:01:12 e.t.

Girard wins Laser districts

Consistency was the key for Annapolitan Al Girard in winning the 1994 Laser District Championships last weekend at Severn Sailing Association.

Girard aced the four-race series by a substantial margin, although he never won a single race in the competitive 41-boat fleet.

In second was Jeremy Wilson, 18, a recent graduate from junior-sailing ranks, and Olympic hopefuls Max Skelley and Henry Filter finished eighth and 12th, respectively, after both were scored as premature starters in the first race.

Top female sailor, and top master, was Diane Burton of Annapolis, fourth overall.

Laser District Championship

1. Al Girard, Annapolis, 13 (2-4-2-5); 2. Jeremy Wilson, Severna Park, 24 (5-8-5-6); 3. David Van Cleef, Annapolis, 24.75 (13-7-4-1); 4. Diane Burton, Annapolis, 38 (9-9-13-7); 5. Tim Stater, Arlington, Va., 40 (19-10-7-4); 6. Alden Shattuck, Annapolis, 42 (6-5-8-23); 7. Manning Montagnet, USNA, 42 (12-11-9-10); 8. Max Skelley, Havre de Grace, 45.5 (PMS-1-1-2); 9. Tom Cooper, USNA, 53 (18-6-17-12); 10. Stephen Marshall, New Hope, Pa., 53 (8-26-11-8).

TAYC's Oxford Spring Fling

Single daily races for a mostly Eastern Shore PHRF Fleet and multiple contests for one-design classes, including J/22s and E-Scows, were the highlights last weekend at the Tred Avon Yacht Club's Spring Fling in Oxford.

In one-design, Annapolitan Pete McChesney headed up the winning J/22 team.

Oxford Spring Fling

PHRF A (5 starters): 1. The Simpsons, Thompson/Shannahan, St. Michaels, 1.5 (1-1); 2. Challenge, Dick Norris, Easton, 5 (2-3); 3. Evolution, Bill Wade, Seaford, Del., 6 (4-2).

PHRF B (9 starters): 1. Nicole, Tad duPont, Easton, 1.5 (1-1); 2. (tie) Aspire, John Yaissle, Allentown, Pa., 5 (3-2); and Liberator, Barry Starke, (ESSA), 5 (2-3).

PHRF C (7 starters): (tie) 1. Loon, J.D. Sullivan, Oxford, 2.75 (2-1); and Restless, Eric Crawford, Easton, 2.75 (1-2); 3. Puffin, David Hensinger, Oxford, 6 (3-3).

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