Youth baseball season saved

May 08, 1994|By Rich Scherr

Just six months ago, the closing of Long Reach Park to make way for a new high school threatened to leave some Columbia-area youths on the sidelines this baseball season.

But thanks to a cooperative effort between Columbia Youth Baseball and the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks, the games go on.

The two organizations pooled their resources to refurbish Harpers Choice Park off Cedar Lane, enlarging the infield areas and installing new fences, benches and backstops at a cost of about $14,000.

"We tried to come up with some fields so that [Columbia Youth Baseball] wouldn't have to turn anybody away," said Gary Arthur, bureau chief of the Department of Recreation and Parks. "What was really important for us was the cooperation we got from CYBA. We had a goal, and they made the goal attainable."

The four fields will serve approximately 800 children each week.

Without the effort, CYBA president Mike Caporaletti said that the face of local youth baseball might have changed dramatically.

"We probably would have severely limited the amount of kids in )) the program and cut down the number of games," said Caporaletti. "There's more we'd like to do, but I think this is a real good start."

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