Appointing the School BoardBecause of my commitment to...


May 08, 1994

Appointing the School Board

Because of my commitment to public education which allows for the free exchange of ideas, I have alerted the governor's legislative office to my concerns about HBO 1617. This bill establishes the permanent nominating caucus as the only channel for appointment to the Harford County Board of Education or the Community College Board of Trustees.

What started as a reform coalition to open up the governor-appoints, senator-approves process could become the medium of the long-active radical right to hang up the appointment process interminably. . . . As a former high school teacher, I experienced objections to teaching Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"; as a delegate, I spoke out against demands to cancel a performance of "Inherit the Wind." In 1993, we Harford countians witnessed the radical right-wing organizations amassing a majority of votes to back a stealth candidate whose agenda to limit educational opportunities was unclear to many civic organizations. The caucus re-examined its procedures.

But in the passage of HBO 1617, the potential for mischief is not only revived, it is codified. Member organizations need only have participated in the 1993 process or be a charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

HBO 1617 should be vetoed. The caucus can continue to function in its good government advisory capacity providing a forum for public review of the candidates. But leave access open to all citizens to be considered for appointment to the school or community college boards.

Let the people elected under one-person, one-vote circumstances do the appointing.

Barbara Osborn Kreamer


The writer is a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District seat.

MADD and Politics

A candidate for public office recently called our chapter to express dismay that the Harford County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving had endorsed an opponent. This is absolutely untrue.

I consider this accusation or rumor to be potentially dangerous because of the fact that we are a 501 3(C) corporation. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is expressly prohibited from demonstrating partiality, whether for or against, any candidate. . . . MADD lobbies for tougher laws against drunken driving. We hope to impact public opinion to further our legislative goals. We do this by publishing statistical data and revealing the personal experiences our victims have suffered. We do it through public ++ awareness programs and education. We will not resort to publicly attacking or defending candidates or their positions in an election year. . . .

Our policy is crystal-clear in this regard. Every officer and employee of MADD shall remain non-partisan during working hours, while conducting MADD business or wearing a MADD badge. Anyone who violates these rules is subject to immediate dismissal.

Many candidates for public office, whose party affiliations I don't keep track of, are members of MADD. Many more endorse MADD and its mission. We value the level of awareness this support generates for our work. However, our organization cannot and will not reciprocate.

Kimberly A. Schaffel

Bel Air

The writer is president of the Harford County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Hillary's Motive

There were two goals Hillary Rodham Clinton accomplished April 22.

The first was that she could now say to her detractors she did have a press conference and met the questions head on. But her ulterior motive was to have it on a day when her press conference would be overshadowed by other news of the day.

She accomplished that: Friday evening and over the weekend the major news was about President Nixon and very little analysis was given to her press conference.

Marie A. Mullen


Assault Weapons?

Hammers, knives and spear guns are now assault weapons.

If you don't believe this, ask the three-man flying crew of Federal Express flight 705 out of Memphis, Tenn. on April 7.

The pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer were attacked by an off-duty employer-passenger, and were so seriously injured that the plane had to make an emergency landing.

The hammer was the primary "weapon of choice" in this attack and was particularly dangerous because it was used as an automatic -- repeated manner -- without reloading.

The anti-gun advocates are outraged, and all carpenters and spear fishermen are worried sick about pending legislation to restrict the purchase of spear guns.

@4 The National Rifle Association cannot help them.

Fred C. Lange

White Hall

Nicholas Eagle

The Ring Factory Elementary PTA would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to all businesses and individuals who contributed donations and volunteered time to help make the Nicholas M. Eagle Foundation benefit basketball game held March 4 such a success.

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