Head of zoning appeals adds liquor board duties

May 08, 1994

James Norvell, administrator for the Carroll County Board of Zoning Appeals, has accepted responsibility for the county liquor board as well, the county commissioners confirmed this week.

The liquor board administrator's position became open when J. Ronald Lau retired in March. Mr. Lau had been the administrator for six years.

"We're combining both positions," said Commissioner Julia W. Gouge. "We're going to try this for a three-month period to see if it works."

The commissioners decided to merge the positions because the workload for the Board of Zoning Appeals diminished recently, she said.

"About a year and a half ago, we decided that for very minor decisions, people could go first before Solveig [Smith, county zoning administrator] for a decision," Ms. Gouge said. "If that didn't suit them, they could always appeal it to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

"But so many things were routine changes."

Liquor violation investigations will be handled by current staff and contracts with individuals, she said. Mr. Lau, a retired Maryland state trooper, had done many of the investigations on his own.

"We may bring some people on board," Ms. Gouge said. "We had discussed the possibility of using retired police officers to do different jobs and when we need to do an investigation."

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