100 Years Ago* The late mail during the summer, which has...


May 08, 1994|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell RTC County Historical Society.

100 Years Ago

* The late mail during the summer, which has been added by the Annapolis postmaster, is a great accommodation to merchants on West, Rhode and South rivers. A letter mailed at 10 in the morning will reach Baltimore at 8 at night.-- The Sun, June 12, 1894.

* The City Council of Annapolis has adopted an ordinance restricting bicycles to the streets and imposing a fine for running on the sidewalks, pavements and alleys of the city. -- The Sun, June 12, 1894.

* President Cleveland made an unexpected stop at Annapolis yesterday afternoon. Officers from the Naval Academy went aboard to greet the President on his first visit to Annapolis. The only request the president made before returning to Washington was for a copy of the Baltimore Sun newspaper. -- The Sun, June 19, 1894.

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