Cruise-ship casinos must close in Alaskan waters

May 08, 1994|By New York Times News Service

Gambling will be prohibited this year on all cruise ships plying the waters off Alaska's rugged coastline.

While Alaska banned gambling in 1978, many foreign-registered cruise ships continued to operate casinos. "Foreign-flagged ships believed they weren't subject to Alaska's regulations because they were just passing through," says Mark Rosenbaum, a U.S. attorney in Anchorage.

After receiving complaints last summer from local cruise companies that some foreign-flag ships were violating Alaska's ban on gambling, the U.S. attorney ordered the foreign cruise ships to close the casinos while in Alaskan waters and en route to destinations like Glacier Bay, Mr. Rosenbaum says.

Passengers will be still be able to gamble in British Columbian waters. Ships sailing from Vancouver on an Alaskan itinerary, for example, may spend two days along the Canadian coast.

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