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May 08, 1994


Editor: Some thoughts came to me while reading the essay by E. J. Graff [Standing Firm on Coming Out] in your Sun Magazine on March 27, 1994.

What this "nice girl" (and it is only an "imitation" as she states), considered a "domestic victory" is a defeat for our society. We cannot allow our standards and morals to be altered because of human nature that is out of control. Homosexuality is causing terrible things to happen to our culture and within humanity. We must not allow these changes to take place for the good of all civilization.

Will you please give equal space to those of us who the author describes as "right-wing Republicans" and "bigots disgusted by desires different from their own."

LornaDell Tyce


Editor: It is of profound indifference to me whether Ellen and Cynthia have double beds, no beds, sleeping bag (one) or [are] locked together in mid-air for all eternity like Dante's lovers (poor example -- they were a heterosexual couple).

What does disturb me is that you see fit (necessary?) to print this garbage in what I thought to be a "family" newspaper. Of course, given the contempt in which real families are held these pagan days, perhaps it (the essay) should not surprise me at all.

The article's accompanying sketch of by Lamberto Alvarez is perfect for such an egregious and offensive (to me) articulation of perversion.

Please -- give us a break!

Mary G. Malstrom


Editor: Since a 1993 poll concerning homosexuals showed that only about 1 percent of the men surveyed consider themselves homosexual, the Sun gives an inordinate amount of space to the subject.

The liberal bias of The Sun is continually displayed by the articles The Sun prints.

Those of us who are not liberals would appreciate a more balanced approach to news and articles.

Carol C. Ault

Ellicott City


Editor: If there is an afterlife, I want to return as Elizabeth Large. Her descriptions [Food's Often Terrific; Too Bad About Service, April 3] of the gourmet food she indulges in are simply delicious: "lamb chops, tinged just pink and redolent of garlic" and "a pretty swirl of whipped potatoes." Her words are a symphony.

Rae Miller Heneson


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