From The Sun May 8-14, 1844May 8: Discontent -- If the...


May 08, 1994|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 8-14, 1844

May 8: Discontent -- If the people of any country on the face of the earth ought to be satisfied with their condition, contented with their lot, it is the people of this.

May 11: Strawberries -- This delicious fruit is becoming more plentiful in our markets. They were selling yesterday morning at the Lexington Market at 15 to 18 cents per basket.

May 14: The detention of the train of cars from Philadelphia, due here at 12 o'clock Saturday night, was occasioned by the locomotive running over a horse near Stemmer's Run.

From The Sun May 8-14, 1894

May 8: Ruxton Water Company -- Messers. William A. Fisher and Charles D. Fisher have conveyed to the Ruxton Water Company for a nominal consideration the right to use the surplus of water of a large spring on their Ruxton property.

May 10: Throngs of big and little folk were landed yesterday afternoon and evening at the corner of North and Greenmount avenues from carriages and carts and cars and by the vehicles with which nature had provided them to see the "great moral show" of Barnum and Bailey.

May 11: The Traction Company has taken off the lonely, little green car propelled by horse-power, which has been making free trips occasionally from Druid Hill Avenue to the Madison Avenue gate.

From The Sun May 8-14, 1944

May 9: Attractive, brown-eyed Mrs. Pauline E. Bratt is running a large filling station on Hanover Street and Chesapeake Avenue, of which her husband is the peacetime proprietor.

May 10: Privately financed construction of 10,000 new homes costing $50,000,000 will be started in Baltimore and the metropolitan area as soon as the war is over, Joseph Meyerhoff, president of Maryland Home Builders' Association, predicted yesterday.

May 11: A special showing of the War Department film, "The Negro Soldier," free, will be given tomorrow night at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The picture was directed by Col. Frank Capra.

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