Golden RuleAfter reading Susan Reimer's column April 21...


May 07, 1994

Golden Rule

After reading Susan Reimer's column April 21 concerning virtues, I am left with several thoughts.

If she really believes that one learns virtues and values from a book, then I can understand why she is confused.

Values are inculcated from parents, teachers, coaches, religion and society as a whole. Children and adults learn values as they see them practiced by individuals that they respect and admire.

She stated that we finally had a president who preached values and that now we could actively talk about values without being considered a member of the religious right.

If that is what prevented her from speaking the truth about values in the past, then I suspect that it will make little difference to her son at this date. I suspect that she was one of those who remained silent or lambasted then-Vice President Dan Quayle when he spoke out against unwed mothers.

Talking about values is a far cry from living them. Although this president may speak of high virtues, he has been rather lax in practicing them, as evidenced by his record of finally coming clean only after he is cornered.

Rewarding immorality does not reduce it. The sexual revolution ofthe '60s is coming home to roost in teen-age pregnancies and high venereal disease rates.

The government and additional programs are not the answer. Re-establishing standards that are enforced is the answer.

Children need and expect limits. They will constantly check to determine if they are in place.

I suspect that the one key element in working with any group no matter what age is the golden rule -- do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

D. J. Myers


Earth Day

On April 23 you ran a column by Tom Horton, formerly with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Headlined "Smear strategy adds to pollution," the column was an attempt to smear me personally as well as the nationally recognized Fairness to Land Owners Committee.

In fact, Horton's raging anger bore absolutely no resemblance to my Earth Day op ed piece published by the Delmarva Farmer. The same op ed piece was sent to the editor of The Sun almost two weeks before Earth Day.

You, however, chose not to run it and allowed Horton to have your readers think that I had portrayed environmentalists "as the devil incarnate." For the sake of some ex post facto balance, the enlightenment of your readers and as a bare minimum of fairness, I would appreciate your running my op ed piece.

[Editor's note: The article follows.]

In 1970, the environmental community christened April 22 as Earth Day.

In those days, the environmental movement was composed of well-meaning volunteers who viewed Earth Day as a genuine celebration for a better environment.

Back in those days, the environmental volunteers' goal was the noble cause of stopping the pollution of our public resources. Our cities had smog-filled air spewing out of factory smokestacks; sewage from waste water treatment plants flowed into our rivers; the Cuyahoga River caught fire.

The original movement viewed public education and public attention as the solution to the pollution problem. It worked.

Public education resulted in major clean-ups of our public resources -- due to the earnest desire of everyone to protect America's natural resources for future generations. Today, 70 percent of the water in this country meets the stringent goals of the Clean Water Act.

However, during the last two decades the environmental movement has been overtaken by radicals who saw the public resource successes as a springboard to push their agenda and their version of environmentalism on to every inch of private land and into every facet of business and community living.

Today, they are bankrupting our economy with excessive command-and-control restrictions and regulations that are based purely on political ploys and junk science.

Today, through regulating dry land by bureaucratically defining it as a wetland, they are stealing the rights of private landowners to the prudent use of their land -- breaking the nest egg of our senior citizens, bankrupting families and destroying the American Dream.

These people -- through the Endangered Species Act -- want to save every rat, fly, snail, beetle and bug but consider mankind the curse of the Earth.

As Paul wrote to the Romans: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools . . . who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever, Amen." Romans 1:22 and 25.

Further, in the last two decades the environmental movement was taken over by environmental hucksters -- seeking power, money and control, and thus Earth Day has become an excuse for extremists in highly visible, well-funded environmental organizations to omit propaganda and raise money. Thus Earth Day has become Pay Day for the environmental community.

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