Dr. J recalls costly battles

May 06, 1994|By Knight-Ridder

Commenting on the excessively rough play in last weekend's NBA playoff games, NBC studio analyst Julius Erving recalled two fights that he believes cost the Philadelphia 76ers NBA titles.

In the 1977 finals against Portland, the former Sixers star said fights involving Darryl Dawkins and the Blazers' Bobby Gross and Maurice Lucas caused the Sixers to lose their focus.

"Then, in 1982, I thought the Sixers had the best guard rotation with Maurice Cheeks, Lionel Hollins and Andrew Toney coming off the bench," Erving said. "We lose Hollins because he hits 'Tree' Rollins upside the head and breaks his finger. He's not available for the finals and we lost, 4-2, to the Lakers."

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