* Ashley A. Boone Jr., one of the first blacks to hold a...


May 06, 1994

* Ashley A. Boone Jr., one of the first blacks to hold a major marketing position with a top movie studio, died of cancer Sunday in Santa Monica, Calif. He was a marketing consultant for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists and other firms. He helped market James Bond films, "Star Wars," "West Side Story" and "Chariots of Fire."

* Karl Hettinger, 59, the Los Angeles police officer who survived the "Onion Field" ordeal in which his partner was slain, died Wednesday in Bakersfield, Calif., after a long illness. In 1963, he and his partner, Ian Campell, were kidnapped and driven to an onion field where Mr. Campbell was shot to death and Mr. Hettinger escaped. Their ordeal and the trial of the killers were chronicled in Joseph Wambaugh's book "The Onion Field" and in the movie of the same name. Mr. Hettinger left the police force after the slaying.

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