Hasn't missed an Orioles game in 20 years," says...


May 05, 1994

GAY WISE hasn't missed an Orioles game in 20 years," says the voice-over at one point in our baseball club's latest (and supersnazzy) TV promo. On screen, a figure in a rocking chair bobs affirmatively: probably Ms. Wise, though the footage is too brief for positive identification.

By what route did she arrive at her 15 milliseconds' worth of fame? Gay Wise was newly out of college when, in 1940, she began work for the Sunpapers, in a succession of news-department roles; since retirement, in 1990, she has devoted herself more than ever to the Orioles.

Never a game missed in 20 years? Well, says the new celebrity, no and yes. Her radio or TV is routinely on for every Oriole game, home or away, but once in a long while anybody's schedule is interrupted. On the other hand, why the number 20? Gay Wise was sticking with them Birds when they were in the Ints and Bill Dyer was the announcer, more than 50 years ago.

The rite she hasn't missed out on is the January/Caribbean/Orioles cruise. Ms. Wise has been along on every one.

* * *

GUN CONTROL legislation generates lots of lobbying efforts, and the assault weapons bill now pending in Congress is no exception. But these days lobbying efforts are often orchestrated, and that can reduce the effectiveness of a constituent's message.

In the case of the assault weapons bill, some of the lobbying campaigns have misfired. The Associated Press reported this week that Rep. Jim Bachus, D-Fla., who supports the ban, has been targeted for up to 30 phone calls a day by people who seem to be reading a script, said press aide Brian Faith. The callers say they feel so strongly about the issue that if he doesn't vote against the ban, they'll vote against him in November.

There's just one problem: Bachus has already announced he is retiring from Congress.

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