Balkan Update

May 05, 1994

U.N. observers have begun patrolling the edge of the BRCK corridor. Despite growing concern among U.N. and Western officials over a recent military buildup, the area was reported calm.

A convoy of about 160 British soldiers and 51 vehices was allowed to proceed to GORAZDE after being held since Sunday by the Serbs about 25 miles from the eastern Muslim enclave. Serbs had demanded that the peackeepers turn over cameras and 26,000 rounds of ammunition purportedly not listed on the convoy's manifest. The U.N. said the ammunition is for the use of its peacekeepers.

France demanded the immediate, unconditional release of 11 private French relief workers held for almost four weeks by Bosnian Serb forces near SARAJEVO. Serb leaders have accused the workers of trying to smuggle arms to Muslim forces.

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