Hello, Dolly cosmetics!

May 05, 1994|By Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Following Cher's lead, Dolly Parton is selling makeup via infomercial.

The superstar -- having conquered Hollywood and Dollywood, not to mention music -- is moving on to the 30-minute commercial, where she introduces her "goof-proof" 12-product Beauty Confidence Collection.

"I know makeup backwards and forwards, and my cosmetic system is truly different from what you buy in stores," Ms. Parton says in press materials.

"Each collection is perfectly color coordinated, so you can't mismatch lipstick, blush and eye shadow."

The collection -- with shadows, eye pencils, mascaras, powder, cream foundation, cheek colors and lipstick -- will be available in cool, warm and neutral palettes.

The toll-free number for ordering the line (which costs $79.99) is 1-800-404-6789.

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