Details, details, details: The little things add up


May 05, 1994|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Staff Writer

As an advertising executive, Randi Schindler Buergenthal knows the importance of images -- including her own. That's why whether she's drumming up new business or working with established clients, Ms. Buergenthal, director of account services for Maleson Naylor Advertising, places a premium on looking good.

For her, details make all the difference. She routinely spends 30 minutes getting dressed in the morning -- often rummaging through her 30 pins and 100 pairs of earrings until she finds the right mix.

But that doesn't keep her from fine-tuning after she leaves her Pikesville home. Tucked away in her office is a stash of emergency supplies: a white blouse, a pair of black pumps, earrings and hair spray.

How would you describe your image?

I hope it would be put-together and progressive. . . . I tend to wear a lot of styles, because I get tired of the same thing. The advertising field lends itself to being off-center. For some clients, I'll look conservative in a red Christian Dior suit. With others, I can have fun. For one client's black-tie promotional event, I wore a vintage tuxedo with a black beaded tank top that was my grandmother's from the '30s.

Which is more you?

The fun-type clothing. It gives me more of a chance to show my moods.

When it comes to dressing, what's most important?

The overall look. It's important to have a look that's tied together. I'll scour everywhere for different items. It can take months. My cousin brought me a pair of black and gold silk men's pajama bottoms from Holland. I thought they would look great for evening with a black linen blouse and belt. I'm still in search of those.

What wouldn't you leave home without?

My boxy black blazer with a green suede collar. I got it 10 years ago in a thrift shop for $30. And it goes with just about anything.

Anything in your closet you wouldn't dare wear?

I still have a pair of red platform sandals with flowers on them. I kept them because I thought they would come back into style. Even though they kind of are, I wouldn't be caught dead in them now. They're hideous.

Where do you shop?

Everywhere from Nordstrom to craft shows to Pier One.

Have you ever bought anything because you loved the ads?

When I was in California, I bought a pair of glasses from l.a. Eyeworks because they had this great stylized picture of glasses as their ad. The pair I bought were modified cat's eye glasses with tortoise-shell frames.

What's been your best buy?

A long black skirt I bought in a boutique in Georgetown for $5.

And your biggest splurge?

A pair of menswear shoes. I call them my Elaine shoes because they look like shoes that Elaine on "Seinfeld" wears.

How much did they cost?

My husband would kill me if I said.

If you could choose anyone, what person would you take along on a shopping trip?

Donna Karan. Maybe then I'd get her clothes for free.

What's been your most traumatic clothing event?

All the bad bridesmaid dresses I've had to wear over the years.

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