Officials refuse to work AIS game

May 04, 1994|By Katherine Dunn | Katherine Dunn,Sun Staff Writer

Yesterday's Association of Independent Schools tournament quarterfinal between No. 7 Mount de Sales and Seton Keough was postponed when officials refused to work the game because Sailors coach Bill Held would not leave the sideline.

The officials' explanation came from Brenda Gelston, head of the Baltimore Board of Officials for Women's Sports, who said, "We will not provide officiating services for Mount de Sales if Coach Held is coaching or is present at the game."

Gelston would not elaborate.

The controversy reportedly stems from what board officials considered inappropriate conduct by Held during Thursday's Mount de Sales loss to St. Paul's.

Held agreed that was where the trouble started. He admitted that he yelled at the officials a lot that day, but he said banishment from his games was an excessive price to pay.

Mount de Sales Academy officials apparently agreed. Held said he was advised yesterday afternoon by attorneys for the school to stay on the sideline even if the officials said they would leave.

"My news came one hour before game time," said Held. "They said, 'You are gonna be there.' I feel good about that decision. I should be here. I've been here 18 years. If I'm wrong, I should be penalized but not killed."

Held said yesterday's action was not completely unexpected.

He said that Mount de Sales officials had received a letter from the Baltimore Board stating that board officials would not work yesterday's game if Held were there.

Just before game time, the officials told Held that if he did not leave the field, they would leave. He said he was staying, so they left.

Kim Marlor, president of the AIS, said the quarterfinal would be rescheduled for today at 3:45 p.m. at Mount de Sales if she could get two officials from Anne Arundel County to work the game.

"Right now, the AIS, from counseling with our lawyer, cannot keep a coach from being on the field," said Marlor. "The game will not be played without officials, obviously, so we're searching for officials. It's a stalemate right now."

Marlor said last night that she did not know what would happen if the game cannot be played this afternoon. The tournament semifinals are scheduled for tomorrow.

"We're the innocent bystanders," said Seton Keough coach Sue Behringer. "It's out of our hands. It's just unfortunate."

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