Derby focuses on typing, shorthand

May 04, 1994|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,Contributing Writer

Susan Day, a 35-year-old sophomore at Carroll Community College, entered the college's eighth annual typing-shorthand derby April 27 "just for fun."

She wound up winning the first-place plaque for the under-30-words-per-minute typing category.

"I took typing in high school, but I hadn't typed for a long time, so I was shocked when I won," Ms. Day said.

But she was familiar enough with a standard typewriter, as well as the computer keyboard from her last job five years ago as a dental assistant, to win the competition.

There were about 40 participants in categories up to over 100 words per minute.

They were assigned to categories after the competition, based on their speed and errors.

"The competition was done on a computer keyboard," Ms. Day said. "A typewriter and computer keyboard are pretty much the same, just a little bit different."

Her typing skills have only been used recently for school papers, resumes and applications, she said. The Westminster resident plans to transfer to Towson State University in the fall to major in music for an education degree.

Linda Pascal, a faculty secretary at CCC, uses her typing skills every day but not her shorthand. Nevertheless, she tied for second in the shorthand competition with 90 words per minute and took second in typing in the 91-100 words-per-minute category.

"I did much better last year," said the 37-year-old Westminster VTC resident. "I had 110 words per minute with zero errors, and this year I had 107 words per minute with 14 errors."

Typists were allowed three errors in the three-minute test, then lost one word per minute for every error after that, she said. Her final speed was 96 words per minute.

In the shorthand competition, participants had to transcribe a letter in three minutes. That was more difficult for Ms. Pascal.

"I did the shorthand competition last year and that's probably the last time I've used it," she said.

All first-place derby winners received engraved plaques. A certificate was awarded for second place. Other winners were:

* Under 30 wpm: Greg Seman, second place.

* 31-40 wpm: Maureen Gerner, first; Carolyn E. Lee-Penn, second.

* 51-60 wpm: Iris JH Reeves, first; Sandi Jackson, second.

* 61-70 wpm: Sherrie Dodson, first; Bernadette Fritz, second.

* 71-80 wpm: Kathy Rauschenberg, first; Dottie Etzler, second.

* 81-90 wpm: Mary Ahmed, first.

* 91-100 wpm: Debbie Nash, first.

* Over 100 wpm: Ellen Brusca, first.

Shorthand winners were:

* 80-90 wpm: Gail Martin, first; Audrey Yzaquirre, second.

8, * 90-100 wpm: Kathy Rauschenberg, first.

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