First Lady can't hide behind her own skirtsTCThe large...

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May 03, 1994

First Lady can't hide behind her own skirts


The large turnout of voters in South Africa -- for centuries disenfranchised -- was truly inspirational.

Here in the United States, so many citizens view this right and privilege in a manner of complacency, or worse, indifference. It is an insult to the founders of our great country who fought and died to grant us this gift of independence and democracy.

Helene Feit


Violence has deep roots, difficult solutions

People who support "stop the violence" are extremely naive.

I do not mean for these people to take offense. Let me explain. They think that guns, drugs and gangs are responsible for the violence in this country. So that's what they're trying to fight.

Those aspects of the violence problem are a mere component, however.

The real violence starts with hatred and stereotypes, racism and lack of education.

So why blame the violence on the gun? Because it is an inanimate object. It can't speak, apologize, hate or vote. And we all know that, next to money, the single vote is what is important to politicians.

I know this because I once wrote a letter to my congressman. His response was, "Drop me a line, kid, when you turn 18."

Now I'm 20 and much smarter than to think any politician can do anything worthwhile without constituents breathing down his neck, causing sleepless nights.

So why doesn't anyone deal with the real problems? Because that would be difficult. So difficult that no one is even willing to try.

Well, I was raised on the premise that the only things in life that are worth having are difficult to achieve.

That is the answer to the question, "Why does this white prince of suburbia care about racism and violence in America?" No one else seems to give a damn.

Unlike our founding fathers and the martyrs throughout history, today's politicians, public figures and the people who really control this country don't care about the future that doesn't include them.

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln didn't live in the best of times. People had shorter lives due to disease and overwork. The streets were full of radicals trying to defend or revolt against the people making the rules.

Yet somehow what they tried to accomplish eventually succeeded, and it helped the people who lived after they died.

What happened to those kinds of people? They're all dead and buried.

Why don't today's politicians follow their example? Because they are content with the money that they make doing corporate dirty work. They have nice houses, nice families and sometimes a naughty mistress on the side.

All we need in office are people who care about what kind of place this country is going to be for our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

These people would teach their children to teach their children to teach their children to do the same. Unfortunately that won't do any of us any good if we can't all get along. When I say "all," I mean everybody, no exceptions.

What I want to discuss now are some of the people who would see me dead rather than look at me. These people preach hatred and do nothing more than put blame for everything that they see is wrong on someone else's shoulders.

Their sole purpose is to be followed by masses. Their food is cheering crowds and they will do anything to keep their support. But all they really do is set obstacles in the way of peace, because there isn't any money in peace.

So perhaps that's why peace isn't selling.

Brian J. Danek


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