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May 03, 1994

Budget proposal to be presented

Carroll's county commissioners will present the proposed budget for fiscal 1995 at a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. on May 12 in the Westminster High School auditorium.

The budget is expected to be about $142 million, about 9 percent more than the current year.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell will open the hearing with comments, and Commissioners Elmer C. Lippy and Julia W. Gouge also will make statements.

Budget director Steven Powell will read the legal notice of the budget before residents may make comments.

The public comment portion will continue until 10:30 p.m., with a 10-minute break at 9 p.m.

Grant expected for homeless shelter

Carroll County officials expect to hear in a few weeks that state officials will renew a grant that pays half the cost of running the local shelter for homeless men, said Steven Powell, the county budget director, yesterday.

The state has provided the grant for several years, renewing it each year, Mr. Powell said. The commissioners have applied for a $51,000 grant, and will match it with $52,000 from their own budget, Mr. Powell said.

The shelter, in Eldersburg, is run by the nonprofit Human Services Programs of Carroll County Inc. on a contract with the county.

Water conservation encouraged

The Carroll County Bureau of Water Resource Management encourages county residents to observe Safe Drinking Water Week this week by protecting and conserving this finite resource.

The bureau has prepared books of water conservation facts that will be distributed to schools, town offices, libraries and local media. "Water Facts" contains 55 useful ways to conserve water or protect water resources from contamination.

Elementary schools will be encouraged to have a student read several facts with morning announcements and town councils to read facts at the beginning of meetings.

Library patrons should find the books in the resource section and can look for informational bookmarks on water conservation during May. An informational video on water conservation will be aired on Community Access Television and Prestige Cable during the summer.

With summer approaching, residents are reminded that water conservation is critical during this peak-use period. Water conservation devices, such as shower heads, toilet dams and faucet aerators, can reduce household water consumption by up to 15 percent.

Water conservation devices can be ordered by mail through the Bureau of Water Resource Management. Information: 857-2150.

Recycling center pays for cans

The Carroll County Recycling Center is currently reimbursing 26 cents per pound for aluminum cans.

The reimbursement rate is determined by the aluminum recycling market. Information: 857-2633.

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